The Hot S.P.I.T. Chronicles is an art-in-dentistry series designed to help children form healthy dental habits. Through the art of story-telling, Helena Hygiena and her dental team travel on adventures that help teach dental health and overall wellness for children, caregivers, teachers, and school nurses. 

Published by CREATIA Publishing, we partner with non-profit organizations, healthcare facilities and schools to provide a line of children’s stories that promote healthy lifestyles and creative living. Our book series are accompanied by traveling exhibits that include health presentations delivered by our team of community volunteers to schools, community centers and health fairs throughout Houston and abroad.  Our unique health arts education series targets youth ages 5 to 10; grades Pre-K thru 4th. However, we realize all ages young and old can learn from this quirky whimsical journeys of the Hot S.P.I.T. Chronicles!