Overview: The Hot S.P.I.T. Chronicles

The Hot S.P.I.T. Chronicles is a series of stories based on the clinical encounters of the dental mobile team, the Sticky Plaque Investigators Team, better known as… Hot S.P.I.T.!     All the way from the Galaxy of Giggles, the Hot S.P.I.T. Crew are undercover agents sent on a top secret mission to keep young Smile-Stars healthy, happy and free of Sticky Icky Plaque! This team work around the clock to protect young Smile-Stars from the foul tricks of this notorious cavity maker who prays on the young Smile-Stars to steal the most valued resource....Enamel Pearls.
Enamel Pearls are the strongest, hardest and most precious resource in the entire Galaxy of Giggles.  Without healthy Enamel Pearls, the Smile Stars would not survive or shine. Sticky Icky Plaque and the Sugar Bugs will cause the Smile-Stars to lose their shiny protective force fieild. However, the strongest and most valuable Enamel Pearls could only be found within the Cavity Free Zones where healthy Smile-Stars kept the entire Galaxy of Giggles …in harmony. 

It was the mission of the Hot SPIT Crew to help keep the Cavity Free Zones exceptionally clean, healthy and plaque free from being polluted by toxic acid attacks and cavity invasions by the slimy sinister Sticky Icky Plaque and his Sugar Bug Gang.

Hot SPIT members, Helena Hygiena (Dental Hygienist), Dana the D.A. (Dental Assist) and Dr. G., cruise throughout the Galaxy of Giggles on board their dental mobile unit called the Groove N Grille Mobile.  The Groove N Grille Mobile is equipped with many of Dr. G’s most innovative dental inventions such as the state of the art robotic dental agents, Tickles D.Toothbrush and Flossy Floss.  All together, they were known as the Hot SPIT Crew  out on a mission to help keep the young Smile Stars happy, healthy and plaque free!


Created by Rhonda Radford Adams and Illustrated by ……….TBA.  The Hot S.P.I.T. Chronicles are designed to creatively present dental health education for grades Pre-K thru 5th.  Each story book issue is a health -arts based lesson, filled with wild adventures of the crazy cast of characters that help prepare children and their caregivers for a life time of regular dental visits and over wellness.